Wednesday, December 13, 2017

TABE 11/12

New TABE® 11&12 Receives NRS Approval,
Leads Market as First and Only Updated Assessment of Adult Education

Minneapolis, October 18, 2017 – Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) today announced that the new TABE 11&12 assessment for adult learners has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Reporting System (NRS) for Adult Education. TABE 11&12 is the first and only new adult education assessment to receive NRS approval, making it the most up-to-date test in the adult basic education market. With this authorization, effective September 6, 2017, TABE 11&12 is approved for seven years through 2024.The NRS approval demonstrates that TABE 11&12 has passed stringent federal accountability standards for learner outcomes and is suitable for use at all Adult Basic Education levels. With NRS approval, TABE 11&12 is approved for use by any state education agency that receives federal funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).Alignment to New StandardsBased on the new national College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education, TABE 11&12 builds upon the well-established reputation of the TABE family of tests and measures the necessary skills to be successful in everyday and work-related situations.“Over the past 50 years, TABE has become the most widely used assessment of adult basic skills in the nation,” said Susan Engeleiter, Chief Executive Officer and President of DRC. “TABE 11&12 continues the evolution of TABE by assessing the types of skills needed by today’s adult learners to be successful in a changing job market.”Improved Online Test DeliveryTABE 11&12 marks the transition to a new online testing platform. TABE will be powered by DRC INSIGHT™, a secure, powerful, and reliable online testing engine. With improved functionality, greater scalability, and a full-featured, accessible testing interface, the TABE online experience will be even more efficient for instructors and more engaging for students.New Features That Adult Ed Professionals Need Most

Adult education professionals rely on TABE to meet the evolving needs of the adult education market.

“As a long-time TABE customer, I am excited to see the changes coming with the new TABE 11&12,” said David Walters, State Director, Alabama Adult Education. “The new TABE 11&12 reflects the latest College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education, aligns with national high school equivalency exams, and brings much-needed advancements in local scanning technology and online test delivery. They have also improved the Locator Test to provide a more precise prediction of each student’s testing level. These features will save us precious time, give greater insight into student skills, and most importantly, improve the testing experience for adult learners.”

The new TABE 11&12 will be available to customers beginning January 8, 2018.

About TABE 11&12

TABE 11&12 is the latest edition of DRC’s Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) assessment for adult learners. For 50 years, TABE has been a well-respected assessment tool for use in adult education. Today, TABE remains the most comprehensive and reliable assessment product in the adult education industry, providing a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners.

TABE 11&12 features new standards, a more-streamlined design, and improved technology:

  • TABE 11&12 is 100% aligned to the new College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education set by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE).
  • TABE 11&12 includes three content areas—Reading, Math, and Language. The new test is one length; there will no longer be a long form (Complete Battery) nor a short form (Survey).
  • Mathematics is now comprised of one test; no longer requiring a total math score from Math Computation and Applied Math.
  • An improved Locator Test, which includes all three content areas, will be more predictive in placing students into the appropriate test level for TABE 11&12.
  • TABE 11&12 aligns strongly to the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ and other high school equivalency (HSE) exams.
  • TABE 11&12 features a new local scanning solution that supports automated data transfers. This eliminates the need for hand-entry of data and reduces administrative costs.
  • TABE 11&12 Online is powered by DRC INSIGHT, the industry’s most reliable online testing system. This new online delivery system has no reliance on third-party software.
  • Online practice opportunities are available for each content area and level in the online testing platform to help examinees become familiar with the use of tools available during online testing. These practice opportunities are non-secure, so examinees can practice as often as they like from any location.
  • TABE 11&12 and the TASC test are now delivered on the same online testing platform.

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Video Link to Overview of the DRC INSIGHT Management System

TABE 11&12College and Career Readiness Standards

TABE 11_12 Mathematics Blueprints – LEMDA


TABE 11_12 Reading Blueprints – LEMDA

TABE 11_12 Language Blueprints – LEMDA

TABE 11&12 Reading Sample Items

TABE 11&12 Reading Sample Items E

TABE 11&12 Reading Sample Items M

TABE 11&12 Reading Sample Items D

TABE 11&12 Reading Sample Items A

TABE 11&12 Language Sample Items

TABE 11&12 Language Sample Items E

TABE 11&12 Language Sample Items M

TABE 11&12 Language Sample Items D

TABE 11&12 Language Sample Items A

TABE 11&12 Math Sample Items

TABE 11&12 Math Sample Items E

TABE 11&12 Math Sample Items M

TABE 11&12 Math Sample Items D

TABE 11&12 Math Sample Items A

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